Saturday, August 18, 2012

DIY painting project, how to draw peacock feathers

How to paint/draw peacock feathers, Also a cute DIY project

How to draw (cartoonish) Peacock Feathers 

01- Start with a simple circle (not too small).

02- Next, draw two more circles within the first.

03- Then, draw a sideways peanut shape at the top of the smallest circle (the middle one).

04- Now, add a stem. I make mine wider at the top and steadily skinnier towards the end.
05- Lastly draw lots of tendrils off of the feather. These can vary in length, size, etc. Be creative :)

Now that you can DRAW a peacock feather, you can PAINT one!! :) 

DIY painted peacock feather oversize letter

 This is one of my favorite DIY projects I've done! So fun, easy, and adorable! Can't wait to hang it up :)

01- Buy a large letter (preferably the starting letter of your first or last name) I got mine at Micheal's.

02- Draw in pencil the peacock feathers you want to paint on.

03- Trace over the pencil in craft paint. I did the first circle blue, the second yellow, the third teal, and the peanut-shape black, and all the tendrils dark green.

04- Now paint the edges of the letter black. Your done! :) 

Thanks for reading :) xox Natalie


Feeling artsy? Here's a cool DIY project!

Here's a fun DIY project I did to my room; Paper airplane hanging decorations! 

I also have my Chinese Lanterns in my room and together they look awesome :)

So, these are actually really easy (they do take a little while but you can do them over time, whenever you can spare a moment!) 
First, get paper: and lots of it! 
Its also really helpful to know how to make paper airplanes; so here's a guide to do simple ones:
01- Take a piece of paper (8' by 11') and fold it in half longways (see below).
02- Open it up again and fold the upper corners in until they reach the line.
03- Take the outer edge of the corners you just folded and fold it in again so it reaches the line.
04- Do that to both sides and then fold the whole paper in half along the line (longways again).
05- Now fold the side of it down so it touches the line at the bottom. Do this on both sides. 
06- Open it and pinch together the flap sticking down. Your done!
Now that you know how to make paper airplanes, you can make beautiful decorations! All you need is paper, translucent string (I used fishing line), scissors, and tape.

01- Make yourself a lot of paper airplanes. :) I recommend looking up lots of different kinds so your "sky" has some diversity.

02- Cut out paper clouds (they can be lots of different sizes, but make sure they are big enough to cover the tape you use to secure the planes to the ceiling). 

03- Cut the string and holes in the tops of the planes, then tie the string onto them and secure each one to your ceiling with tape. Tip: try to find the center of gravity of the planes so they are relatively horizontal when you hang them; this is the hardest part.

04- Once you have the planes secured to the ceiling in an arrangement you like, take the paper clouds you cut out and cut a slit to the middle of the cloud, along with a small hole in the middle. Slide the string of one of the planes through the slit so the string runs through the hole. 

05- Tape the cloud to the ceiling in a way that hides the other tape (I recommend doing a wrapped piece of tape to secure the clouds so no tape at all is showing). Do this for every plane.

Your Done! Now you have an artsy and cool hanging collage! For some added flare, try using pictures for the paper of the planes, or painting/drawing or doodling on the planes. 

Thanks for reading!

Super cute way to makeover your room: Chinese Lanterns!

Want to add something to make your room even more adorable? Go with Chinese Lanterns! 

They come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and more; pick some that coordinate to the color scheme of your room (orange, green, blue you name it!) OR go with just white! I have a few white ones in my blue room and they just give it a warm atmosphere :)

I got mine at IKEA (super cheap!) and never looked back :) They are one of the best things I have ever added to my room!

Sorry I didn't get a picture of them on :/ I was running out the door but when I'm back home I definitely will! (btw the photos don't do them justice at all; they are really cute in person)

DIY Painted Flower Pot :)

DIY Painted Flower Pot 

What you need: A ceramic flower pot and craft paint

01- Take the flowerpot and put it on some newspaper.
02- Use craft paint to add design to it, I did a colorful geometric pattern.
03- I recommend painting the upper ridge of the flower pot (I painted it teal).

DIY Earring container :)

DIY Earring Box

What you need: Any size plastic or glass container, craft paint

01- If it has a top take it off and get rid of it (or paint it as well and use it).
02- Use craft paint to decorate the sides, top, bottom, whatever you want! I painted dots, hearts, and stripes.
03- Put your rings, earrings, and anything else you want in it and your done!

(I can also post a DIY on how to get my checkered nails if you all want) :)

DIY Jewelry Hanger

DIY Jewelry Ribbon Hanger

Super easy and so adorable!

01- Dig around and find some ribbon (or go buy some).
02- Use thumb tacks to secure one end of the ribbon to a wall (leave five-six inches off the end).
03- Drape the ribbon across the wall and secure the other end, also leaving five-six inches.
04- Then take some new ribbon (or cut the previous ribbon so you have two pieces of it) and tie it onto each end in a bow so it hides the tacks.
05- Pin some earrings in it, hang up some bracelets or necklaces and your done! :)

DIY Glee Clock :) (or any TV show, movie, etc.)

DIY Glee Clock

This is a DIY glee clock but you can make it with any characters you want :)

(I think I want to make another one for the Vampire Diaries! Or PLL)

01- Buy a clock with holes near each number (I got mine at a Fred Meyers but they are online, and at other stores). It was really inexpensive.
02- I measured the holes and printed out photos of characters from the show Glee and cut them to size.
03- I put the pictures in the clock and hung it up!