Saturday, August 18, 2012

DIY Project: Jars :)

DIY Decorative Jar Project :)

What you need: A few plastic or glass jars, craft paint and brushes, fabric, ribbon, stick on jewels, some printed out yearbook photos (I printed them on photo paper), and faux candles
  • On one jar I took some old yearbook photos of friends and I glued them to it. Then I cut out a ribbon from some floral fabric I had and tied it around the jar along with some silver string. I put a faux candle inside (for safety) :)
  • On the other jar I used craft paint and put black rough dots all over it, and I took some stick-on jewels and stuck them on some of the black marks. Then I painted red, yellow, and orange on the corners of the jar. I also tied silver string around it. I put a faux candle inside as well.
  • These cute jars add something to my room and are incredibly easy and inexpensive! :)  


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