Saturday, August 18, 2012

DIY Unique Crown Braid

DIY Step by Step Crown Braid

Easy and simple, all you need is medium to long hair and the ability to do french braids

01- Divide hair in half down the middle.
02- Secure one section away from the other.
03- Flip your head upside down, take loose section, and start french braiding it.
04- French braid it upside down from the nape of your neck towards your face.
05- Make sure you keep the braid close to your hairline rather than up the middle.
06- Once you have that braid done all the way to the tips, secure it with a hair band.
07- Let the other section down and do the same as the first.
08- Braid it all the way to the tip so now you have the two braids hanging over your face.
09- Take one and wrap it across your head (an inch or two back from your hairline).
10- Do the same with the other, don't worry if they cross they are supposed to. :)
11- Secure the ends of each braid (they should be just behind your ear or farther) with bobby pins.
12- spritz with some hairspray and your done! :)

Finished Result:

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this was easy to understand :)

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