Saturday, August 18, 2012

DIY painting project, how to draw peacock feathers

How to paint/draw peacock feathers, Also a cute DIY project

How to draw (cartoonish) Peacock Feathers 

01- Start with a simple circle (not too small).

02- Next, draw two more circles within the first.

03- Then, draw a sideways peanut shape at the top of the smallest circle (the middle one).

04- Now, add a stem. I make mine wider at the top and steadily skinnier towards the end.
05- Lastly draw lots of tendrils off of the feather. These can vary in length, size, etc. Be creative :)

Now that you can DRAW a peacock feather, you can PAINT one!! :) 

DIY painted peacock feather oversize letter

 This is one of my favorite DIY projects I've done! So fun, easy, and adorable! Can't wait to hang it up :)

01- Buy a large letter (preferably the starting letter of your first or last name) I got mine at Micheal's.

02- Draw in pencil the peacock feathers you want to paint on.

03- Trace over the pencil in craft paint. I did the first circle blue, the second yellow, the third teal, and the peanut-shape black, and all the tendrils dark green.

04- Now paint the edges of the letter black. Your done! :) 

Thanks for reading :) xox Natalie


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